Edyson has a long history of conducting its business following the highest ethical standards and in accordance with not only the letter of all applicable laws, but also the spirit of such laws. To that end, Edyson follows this Social Compliance and Code of Ethics policy, and requires all of its suppliers and vendors commit to adhering to Edyson’s Social Compliance and Code of Ethics policy. This policy is integral to Edyson’s commitment to ensuring that all of its suppliers and vendors create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment for all employees. Edyson will immediately sever relations with suppliers and vendors who violate this policy. Overall, Edyson expects that all of its suppliers and vendors act, at all times, with integrity and in an ethical manner. Any decisions or actions that reflect a disregard for honesty, integrity or general business ethics may be in violation of this policy. Edyson’s suppliers and vendors must be honest with their employees and with Edyson. Edyson reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

All of Edyson’s suppliers and vendors must at all times, at a minimum, be in compliance with all of the laws and regulations governing the jurisdictions in which they do business. However, Edyson recognizes that laws and regulations vary from place to place, and being in compliance with local laws is not enough to ensure that Edyson’s vendors and suppliers meet Edyson’s high standards. As such, oftentimes Edyson requires more of its suppliers and vendors, as set forth in this policy.


The safekeeping of the environment is important to Edyson, and Edyson wants to ensure that its suppliers and vendors are doing what they can to establish operating procedures that take into account their environmental impact. Edyson’s suppliers and vendors must, in addition to complying with any applicable laws and regulations regarding environment protections, establish and follow an environmental management system that includes disaster and emergency preparedness, and store all hazardous materials in a secure, ventilated location, and properly dispose of all hazardous materials. Edyson’s suppliers and vendors must all ensure that their employees’ health or safety is not in any way jeopardized by the environmental conditions associated with their employment.


Edyson’s suppliers and vendors must not use child labor – with a child being anyone younger than 15 (or 14 in a jurisdiction where the law so allows). Edyson’s suppliers and vendors must maintain credible evidence to support compliance with this requirement. In the event Edyson’s suppliers and vendors believe that one or more employee is underage, they will take reasonable action to investigate. Edyson’s suppliers and vendors should not turn a blind eye to children representing that they are of age when they are not.

Edyson’s suppliers and vendors must not use any form of forced labor, including employees acquired through human trafficking, or indentured slavery.